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Spiceworks is a free IT application that makes keeping track of various network devices relatively simple. Businesses that have more than one device attached to an extensive network will get a lot of use out of Spiceworks. While Spiceworks may prove to be tough to use for individuals, IT experts and administrators should not have a problem running this app.

Attempting to fix various network-attached devices can be time consuming. Spiceworks allows IT administrators to keep track of 250 network-attached devices at once. Since this app is entirely free, it is a wise choice for businesses of all sizes. Spiceworks can be installed on any PC by indicating which ports to bind. Users will also have to direct Spiceworks when it comes to a hard drive location. Once Spiceworks has been installed successfully, users can easily interact with the app via a computer’s browser. Spiceworks scans networks and detects devices automatically and provides users with detailed device information. Personalized reports make it simple to keep track of devices, and to discern which devices require additional attention. Spiceworks includes a slew of other helpful features.

From finding out when printers are running low on ink to figuring out which devices need antivirus protection, Spiceworks does it all. Spiceworks makes keeping track of networked devices effortless. IT administrators looking for a way to keep track of network-attached devices without running from one device to another will find Spiceworks indispensible. Since Spiceworks is ad-based, users will have to put up with various advertisements while using Spiceworks, but this is a small price to pay for an app that is effective and free.

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